Kodluyoruz Community

“A creative idea plus a fresh network is the best way to go from zero to millions.”
Jonah Peretti
What is Kodluyoruz Community?

Bringing together the people who wish to learn together and are interested in software is our favourite thing! 💛 

As Kodluyoruz, we believe in the importance and the results of coming together for the same purpose and being a “community”. 💪

We want to respond to all kinds of needs of our members  in their software journey in the Kodluyoruz Community.

In line with our mission of raising software developers in Turkey who can create value on a global scale, we support all of our community members.

We aim to make Turkey a global technology and talent center in line with our values. 🚀

In line with this, we organize study groups, workshops and events where all young people in Turkey can come together and share what they have learned.


Here in Kodluyoruz Community, our door is open to anyone who is interested in software!

Join the Kodluyoruz Community and let’s lead the software industry in Turkey together. Let’s shape our future together! 🙆

Join the Kodluyoruz Community!

You too can be a part of this unique community.

Kodluyoruz Discord Community

We have one of the biggest Discord servers in the software field in Turkey! If you are looking for a space where you can meet people and get help related to software, the Kodluyoruz Discord server is just for you!

Take Action

We came together with the communities operating in the fields of technology, software, innovation, etc. under the name of Get Moving/Move On/Take Action and we joined our forces! Get involved with your community and let’s achieve great work together!

Alumni Club

The Kodluyoruz Alumni Club is one of the largest and most diverse developer communities in Turkey with more than 2,000 graduates. Join the Bootcamps, complete them successfully and receive the right to join the Alumni Club!

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Useful Resources

Alchemist Podcast

Alchemist Podcast is our podcast channel that presents important developments and initiatives in the field of technology around the world! In our first series, we bring the developments in the field of artificial intelligence to you through the eyes of the members of Kodluyoruz Artificial Intelligence Advisory Board, with the sponsorship of Garanti BBVA.

Our Values

We believe that we are stronger with the values and principles we have stated, and we sincerely believe that everyone participating in the community will adopt and implement these values.

Let’s act without forgetting that each member of the Kodluyoruz Community is unique and valuable, and let’s make sure that we adopt the principles and values below. 👇

Help and Solidarity 🙌

As the Kodluyoruz Community, we believe that each of our members should be in solidarity. If there is an opportunity to support someone else, please, let’s not hesitate. In doing so, let’s make sure to be kind and generous! 🙏 This community will be useful and enjoyable to the extent of the work of each of us. 💪

Experience Sharing 🚀

We know that every member of our community has a story and we care about these stories. Please let’s not hesitate to share our story, let’s not forget that we can be an inspiration to many of our friends! 💫

Peer Learning and Group Work 👥💻💬

We know that learning together is one of the most effective methods in the learning journey! In this journey, we give importance to bringing you together with your friends who are going through the same road, and we believe that learning together will make a big difference.

Continuous Development and Awareness 👀

One of the most important features of the Kodluyoruz Community is that it is always open to development, learning and research, and it continues to work with this awareness! You can follow the current developments in the software world with the sharings in the community, and you can learn from experts in the field and other members of the community.

Being Respectful to Each Other 🙌

Each of us is a member of this community, so let’s respect each other and take care not to use offensive language or engage in such behavior. Let’s keep our sincere Kodluyoruz tone! 😻

Being Inclusive 💛

As Kodluyoruz Community; we strive to create a safe space where people can take part in the community  with all of their differences, and we strictly reject any discriminatory or derogatory speech or action within the community.